Talk on Evolution in Video Games

I recently had a talk on the RhineDev conference on the artificial evolution in BossConstructor. Unfortunately I cannot share the talk as a video since it wasn’t recorded, but I still want to share the slides with you. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

rhinedev-0     rhinedev-1

rhinedev-2     rhinedev-3

rhinedev-4     rhinedev-5

rhinedev-6     rhinedev-7

rhinedev-8     rhinedev-9

rhinedev-10     rhinedev-11

rhinedev-12     rhinedev-13

rhinedev-14     rhinedev-15

rhinedev-17     rhinedev-18

rhinedev-19     rhinedev-20

rhinedev-21     rhinedev-22

rhinedev-23     rhinedev-24

rhinedev-25     rhinedev-26



2 thoughts on “Talk on Evolution in Video Games

  1. Nice presentation, made for an interesting read. However, I would have much preferred to have the slides in a single PDF file instead of these separate, low resolution, images.

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