Talk on Evolution in Video Games

I recently had a talk on the RhineDev conference on the artificial evolution in BossConstructor. Unfortunately I cannot share the talk as a video since it wasn’t recorded, but I still want to share the slides with you. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

rhinedev-0     rhinedev-1

rhinedev-2     rhinedev-3

rhinedev-4     rhinedev-5

rhinedev-6     rhinedev-7

rhinedev-8     rhinedev-9

rhinedev-10     rhinedev-11

rhinedev-12     rhinedev-13

rhinedev-14     rhinedev-15

rhinedev-17     rhinedev-18

rhinedev-19     rhinedev-20

rhinedev-21     rhinedev-22

rhinedev-23     rhinedev-24

rhinedev-25     rhinedev-26



Progress Report 2015/01

Instead of making edited update videos like I have done so far, I will focus on making progress reports instead. The update videos took a lot of time to produce and since the resulting videos age very quickly, I decided to try this new format. Let me know in the comments if you like it!

This progress report summarises the new features which were introduced in the previous four weeks and provides a preview of what you can expect in the near future.