BossConstructor previews and let’s plays.

Here is a collection if videos and previews based on the current state of the game. Lean back and enjoy 🙂

Preview video and Let’s Play series by Deluks Gaming (English):

Preview video by Paradise Decay (No commentary):

Preview video by Dan Field (French):

Preview video by SiberianLemming (Russian):

Preview by Liam Dawe (Gaming on Linux):

Preview by Alex Hamilton (GameGrin):

Preview by All PC Game:


Patches #4 – #7 completed.

To get the latest patch notes, please have a look at the announcements on the Steam page. Here are the collected notes for the last 4 patches:

# 11.11.
New features:

– The “vending machines” have been replaced with module shops in which you can sell your modules and choose from a variety of modules.
– You can sell modules for half their value (ceil) and buy modules for twice their value (ceil). Let me know what you think of the prices/balance.
– You can buyback modules you sold at that shop for the same price.
– Action-autoassignment no longer clears assignments for actions that are not automatically assigned (e.g. custom actions)
– Autoassignment now uses “0-assignments”. This makes it easier to turn your ship.
– “0-assignments” are now displayed in the editor. (but cannot be assigned manually atm.)
– Fixed a bug that prevented deleted actions assignments from being displayed.

# 10.11.
New features:
– You can now select and use your own custom ship in the exploration mode as long as it costs <=500.
– Selecting a box in the editor now selects all the modules it touches.
– The camera now moves a bit to the side when you have panels opened in the mission mode.
– Added a graphical effect when you hit an asteroid or another ship and take collision damage.

Bug fixes and other changes:
– Repairing a module no longer disables it.
– Fixed the hotkeys to collapse/expand the side panels and added a visual clue.
– Fixed a bug that caused the grappling hook to act strange when a module was destroyed.
– Fixed a bug causing emped/repaired modules to still have lightning effects in the editor.
– Fixed a bug regarding music loading when the game is out of focus.
– Changed the evolution settings. Future enemy ships will no longer have multiple CCs.
– Changing the friction factor in the hidden settings now has an effect.
– Limited the size of the undo stack to prevent excessive memory usage when using the editor for a long time.

# 9.11.
Change the way saving works. Since the exploration mode is supposed to be permadeath, save is replaces by save&exit. When selecting exploration from the main menu, you can now choose between starting a new game and resuming the previous one.
Added a UI effect when you pick up ore.
Added a UI effect when you pick up modules.
Added a UI effect when your energy gets sapped by an energy absorber.
Changed the startup configuration and changed the texture loading process to hopefully prevent crashes when using high quality textures and preloading.
Fixed a bug regarding the emp/repairbot lightning
Fixed a crash which could occur when entering a level with an invalid ship.
Fixed a possible crash in the evolution field mode.

# 7.11.
Bugfixes and improvements:
Fixed a major issue preventing the ingame time from being recorded by the Steam client.
Replaced the mouse cursor with a nicer looking one.
Increased the allocated memory to prevent crashes when using high quality textures.
Power thruster keys are now assigned for movement but not rotation.
Improved the way the controller deadzones work.
Added hotkeys for undo/redo in the editor.
Corrected some tooltips.
Removed the particle and debris settings.
Fixed a performance bug concerning the repair bots.
Fixed a bug that caused module hints to be displayed after deleting a module while dragging.
Game states no longer keep the paused state + a message is displayed when you pause.
The editor hint for the shield modules is now more closely related to where the shield modules actually are.

Huge patch #3 completed.

Major new features:
– The camera now shows enemy ships that are nearby.
– Music/audio volume can now be set in 11 levels instead of 6.
– Added ice asteroids.
– Added arid asteroids.
– Added a (probably still buggy) save function to the exploration mode.

– Doubled the ‘vending machine’ prices.
– Ships are now invincible for 10 seconds after spawning.
– Reduced damage from the laser from 0.75 to 0.50.
– Reduced damage from ship collisions by 33%.
– Destroyed mines now have a 25% chance of dropping a fireball module.
– The missile launcher now prioritises ships.
– The missile launcher no longer targets allied ships.

– The new mouse pointer no longer keeps your mouse locked in and should feel less laggy than before.
– Fixed a crash which could occur when you try to start a mission with an invalid ship.
– Changed the modifier key to permanently delete modules to shift.
– Added German localisation to lists and camera settings.
– Modules in the clipboard are no longer used when calculating and displaying ship energy generation/consumption/capacity.
– Warnings for missing keybindings are no longer displayed for modules in the clipboard.
– Made FPS display smaller and moved is to the bottom left corner.
– A repair process is now cancelled when the module to be repaired is separated from the repairbot module.
– Replaced the energy chain with an ore container in the exploration/misc. package.
– Camera dragging in the galaxy map and the mission mode is now restricted.
– The background texture is now correctly centered in mission mode.
– Added maximum ore to the bar and fixed text placement.
– Added a message when a module is picked up.
– Made background debris less saturated.

Patch #2 completed.

– Fixed a crash which ocurred when adding a revolute joint at an invalid place.
– Fixed a graphical glitch involving the grappling hook
– Collected ore is now displayed on the galaxy map
– Included a nicer looking mouse pointer to the game.
– Added the option to turn new mouse on/off to the settings menu.

Early Access Start and First Patch

The early access phase has started and I’m excited to see the first players join in. Fortunately, everything seems to work nicely. Thank you for your support! 🙂

I intend to fix/improve 5 issues a day for the upcoming weeks, both based on your feedback and my todo list. The first patch which I just commited includes:
– Added a warning for incorrectly placed rotating joints.
– The editor now allows you to assign keys to the rotating joint even when in auto assign mode.
– The repairbot is now hidden in the editor.
– Modules in the inventory (in exploration mode) are now displayed in the correct color.
– The inventory no longer resets to the first page when you drag a module out of it.

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