January Update

I finally got around to make another update video showing the latest changes and some new features. Besides the changes mentioned in the December post, these include:

  • Exploration/survival game mode: You start with a preset ship and explore a series of procedurally generated sectors. You can fulfill missions in each sector or scavenge for resources and modules to upgrade your ship inbetween sectors. Currently there are 6 different missions with many more to come.
  • Joystick/gamepad support, i.e. support for both digital and analogue inputs.
  • The UI now scales to fit your resolution.
  • Editor: Multiple selected modules can now be rotated at once.
  • Editor: A clipboard can be used to store ship parts for later use.
  • Nebulae with different effects.
  • Sound effects for weapons, explosions, thrusters and UI effects.
  • Graphical improvements, including space particles which spawn around your ship and get pushed out of the way as you fly through them.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.