December Update

While I have been quite busy lately I would like to give you a brief update on what I have been working on recently and on the features I have implemented in the past weeks:


Asteroid Fields: Asteroids have a high mass but cause no collision damage. You can use asteroids as cover and in order to escape enemy ships. Some asteroids can also be mined for resources.

Camera Controls: You can now cycle between several camera modes during missions. One of the camera modes allows you to move the camera freely using the mouse.

Carrier Module: The carrier module consumes a lot of energy and launches interceptors which attack enemy ships. It is supposed to be useful for kiting but weak in direct engagements.

Chain Module: The chain module can be used to attach different shipparts together. This will allow you to tow other ships in upcoming missions.

Screen shake: A screen shake effect emphasizes the effects of weapon shots and explosions. (Can be disabled in the settings menu.)

Updated UI: The modules can now be filtered by category. The ship filters have also been improved.

Editor UI: You can now select and move multiple modules at the same time

I intend to make a video showcasing the new features some time in January. Until then, have a look at this very nice video showcasing a more exotic approach to ship design and a more in-depth discussion on general aspects of artificial intelligence and artificial life.

Happy holidays to all of you!