Alpha 09/13.2 and YouTube content

I have just started the second wave of the current alpha test with a new and improved version of the game. The new version contains numerous bugfixes and UI improvements as well as three new (and more interesting) survival missions as well as an experimental evolution arena.


If you are interested in watching some in-game alpha content have a look at xXIcepackXx’s YouTube channel:

If you are interested in the game please vote for it on Steam Greenlight:


Update and second alpha wave

Thank you very much for voting for and following this game, I really appreciate it! In fact, I haven’t felt this well since beating Smough and Ornstein. 🙂
Even if I do not reply to every comment, I do read all of them and keep track of both general trends as well as specific criticisms and suggestions.

I am currently in the process of fixing the most pressing issues the current alpha test has brought up so far. Once this is done I would like to launch a second wave alpha test at the end of this week. For this second wave I am looking for two specific subsets of gamers:

1) Youtubers/Bloggers/Authors etc.
I want to let as many people as possible learn about BossConstructor. Therefore I am looking for people who talk to (or write for) an active community of gamers and would like to cover the game. If you make let’s play videos on youtube, maintain an active gaming blog or write for an online or printed magazine, for example, I am looking for you!
If you are interested just send me an email* with the subject line “Alpha Press” including a link to some of the content you have produced so far and a brief description of what you would like to do with the alpha. If you like, I will link to your content from my blog or this Greenlight page.

2) Mac users
While I have tested the game on both Linux and Windows, neither me nor the current testers have an iMac or Macbook. While the framework and the libraries should work fine on MacOS, I would like to test it as soon as possible in order identify possible problems. If you are an experienced Mac gamer and would like to participate and send me feedback on your experience with the game, please send an email* with the subject line “Alpha MacOS” including your system specifications.


Unfortunately I do not have the resources to do a large scale alpha test at this point. If you belong to neither category don’t despair, there are many more alpha waves to come!

Thanks for reading!