Welcome to this blog!

Hi! This is the official blog about my game BossConstructor. I will use this blog to write about things I am working on at the moment, features I am planning to include into the game and to keep you updated with screenshots, videos and other content.

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What is BossConstructor?

BossConstructor is a game about building and flying your own spaceship. The core feature of the game is its editor which allows you to assemble your own ships based on a number of components.

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The way you build your ships has a strong influence on how they behave and what they are capable of doing. Since every component you add to your ship will cost money and increase your ship’s weight and energy consumption, designing a good ship is very a challenging yet rewarding task.

A variety of missions and game modes will require a number of different designs and each present a new challenge of its own.

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I intend to update this blog about once a week. If you like the project, please feel free to comment, discuss and spread the word about the BossConstructor! 🙂